Concrete Services in Twin Falls, ID

Is it time to replace concrete at your home or office? Are you searching for a concrete contractor who can fortify your home’s or business’ foundation? Magic Valley Concrete is here to help! We offer expert concrete services and applications that are designed to meet a variety of needs. From excavation to installation, you can count on our 50+ years of experience to tackle any job, small or large. To schedule a consultation at your home or office, contact us today! Read below to see the range of concrete services we offer.

Basements Under Existing Homes

We can put a new basement under your existing home. Installing a basement can dramatically increase the useable living space in your house at a far lower cost than adding on. Benefits gained from adding a basement to your house include controlling moisture, adding ventilation and light, and finding a way around hanging drain lines, ductwork and wiring.

Concrete Basement Repairs

There are many reasons why a foundation may be failing. Situations, such as soil shifting, excessive water/moisture, lack of proper water/moisture, and the general integrity of the structure are all things that could lead to a failing foundation. We employ an experienced team to deal with any situation.

Mat Slabs

A reinforced concrete mat foundation is a common type of foundation system used in many buildings. They are a specific type of shallow foundation that uses bearing capacity of the soil at or near the building base to transmit the loads to the soil. Compared to an ordinary slab on grade, a reinforced concrete mat is much thicker and is subjected to more substantial loads from the building.

Drilled Pier & Grade Beam Foundations

In drilled pier foundations, the piers can be connected with grade beams on which the structure sits, sometimes with heavy column loads bearing directly on the piers. In some residential construction, the piers are extended above the ground level and wood beams bearing on the piers are used to support the structure. This type of foundation results in a crawl space underneath the building in which wiring and duct work can be laid during construction or remodeling.

Concrete Foundation Underpinning

Foundation underpinning is a repair process that strengthens foundations which have been weakened by a variety of factors. In the process of underpinning, the area underneath the load of the foundation is repaired or reinforced.

Temporary House Shoring, Leveling and Soil Shoring

House leveling and shoring are necessary steps for retaining a secure foundation for now and years to come. Shoring is the method of supporting a building or structure by placing metal props underneath a building when in danger of collapse or during repair or alterations.

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